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Kent Ridge Park & Henderson Waves

Saturday 14 March 2009 by Wolf
Kent Ridge is a park in Singapore West area, between the National University of Singapore and Singapore Science Park.
The area occupied by Kent Ridge Park was formerly known as Pasir Panjang Ridge, and was originally a lowland evergreen rainforest. When the first settlers arrived in Singapore in the early 19th century, they grew crops such as rubber, pepper, gambier and pineapple on the ridge.
The Kent Ridge Park is linked via a Canopy (treetop) walk to the recently inauguratedHort Park, (...)

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Kent Ridge Park & Henderson Waves

Saturday 9 June 2012
The gate at Normanton Pk cannot be entered (it’s private), but Winchester Rd can be reached by following the fence, on the right of the gate (coming from KentRidge Pk and looking at the gate), at the beginning, no path is visible, just follow the fence, running on the lawn, once you enter the jungle, a path slowly appears, clearly it is not maintained, and be careful running on it, it’s full of branches, roots,..., some parts cannot even be run since you have to bend down in order to pass under some branches, after a while, you’ll exit in a clearing, the pat does not dissapear at once, but it deviates from the fence, becoming less and less visible, until dissapearing in the middle of the grass, Winchester Rd is visible from there, just above. Map on my runkeeper account:


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