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Sarasota Island Park

Monday 11 October 2010, by Wolf

The "Island" is situated at the Sarasota Bayfront, next to Marina Jack’s. A popular walking and picnic spot, it offers a scenic view and is at the same time very close to Sarasota downtown. Some call it the what is the Central Park for New York, here for Sarasota. A bit of an overstatement though : the park is so tiny.

Not beeing very big; it’s main convenience is to be easily reachable from downtime; for example over a lunch break.

How to get there:

It’s all the way down the Ringling Boulevard, ending at Marina Plaza. Or else, head for Marina Jack’s at the end of Main Street.

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There is plenty of parking available around the marina, on Island Park drive.

The track: It’s a flat small loop; a little more then twice the size of an indoor stadium running track; less then 1km. Also avoid "peak hours" to avoid bumping into too many people : early morning should be ideal. Eventually you can extend and run along the bayfront,

Water point: There is a wash room on the island but no water point.

Google Maps: Sarasota Island Park on Google Maps.

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