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Grenoble - Drac and Isere Rivers

Sunday 7 January 2007, by Kralle

Grenoble is situated in the Alpes, in the valleys of the rivers Drac and Isere. The rivers form a Y-shape, with Drac coming from below, Isere coming from the upper right and the joint outflow, which is also called Isere, leaving to the upper left. Often the rivers are accompanied by pedestrian/bicycle ways of various quality, sometimes even on both sides of the river. These ways are ideal for jogging, they are quiet, flat, surrounded by trees and leading through various landscapes.

The longest contiguous paved way leads along the left side of the Drac and the Isere. It begins in the southwestern part of the Grenoble agglomeration. The first part of the way is often crowded with people and cyclists. With increasing distance from the city center one meets less people.

JPG - 69.9 kb
Small sidearm of the main way
If you come with the tramway from the city center, you can start on this small sidearm of the main paved way.

After passing below several bridges the Drac turns a bit to the left, and the way is now bordered by bushes and trees on both sides.

JPG - 60.4 kb
In the suburb Fontaine
JPG - 40.7 kb
The Drac to the right

To the left you always see the mountains of Vercors, and as you advance along the rivers, you see different parts of them from different perspectives.

JPG - 33.7 kb
The Vercors in the distance
JPG - 52.7 kb
Peu a peu the way leaves the city and advances in the countryside
JPG - 53.3 kb
Long straight segments are often encountered

Sometimes you see the rivers to the right through the trees, and on the other side the Neron peak and surrounding mountains of Chartreuse.

JPG - 68.4 kb
The Drac joins the Isere
JPG - 55.5 kb
The Neron peak in the glare of the rising sun
JPG - 54.5 kb
Again straight segments
JPG - 51.1 kb
View across the river to the right
JPG - 35.3 kb
The dam on the Isere
Up to this dam you run not much above the water level. After it the water level drops by a dozen of meters. Now the river is below you.
JPG - 53.5 kb
After the dam
JPG - 56.9 kb
Again straight lines
JPG - 58.3 kb
The last segment
JPG - 33.5 kb
Vercors to the left

The paved way ends when the national highway crosses the river in the direction of Voreppe.

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