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Paris - Bois de Boulogne

Thursday 14 September 2006 by Mentom2
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Bois de Boulogne The Bois de Boulogne is a park located along the western edge of the 16ème arrondissement of Paris, near the suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt. It has a vaste area, it is more than two times larger than Central Park in New York, and more than three times larger than Hyde Park in London. These "Boulogne Woods" are a remnant of the ancient oak forest of Rouvray, which was first mentioned in 717, in the charter of Compiègne.
Stepping back to the 21st century, if you are working (...)

Upper Pierce Reservoir

Wednesday 2 May 2012 by Wolf
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This portion of the central catchment area is not much documented. In fact, there is no "official" trail. The Upper Pierce Reservoir touches the BKE in the West and the Lower Pierce Reservoir in the East. While there are trails as for example the Woodcutters’ trail that cuts the catchment area on this East-West axis, the below trail is following the "shoreline" of the reservoir.
The trail is relatively narrow and secluded. Only occasional walkers, anglers or mountain-bikers can be seen (...)

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Gunung Brinchang

Friday 14 October 2011 by Wolf
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Limbang Park

Friday 15 June 2012 by Wolf
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Keppel Marina

Thursday 9 February 2012 by Wolf
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Labrador Nature Reserve

Tuesday 31 July 2012 by Wolf
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Bangkok - Lumphini Park

Saturday 20 August 2011 by Wolf
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Bottletree Park

Monday 4 July 2011 by Wolf
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Singapore - East Coast Park

Saturday 29 December 2007 by Wolf
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Singapore - Fort Canning Park

Sunday 29 July 2007 by Wolf
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